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Cynde Watson

Meet Cynde Watson

Meet Cynde Watson

Makeup Artist for DOOBOP

“My advice to women is to approach makeup like fashion. Start with a basic signature palette then accent that with seasonal trends.” 

Before she became a powerful force behind the scenes, Cynde Watson made her living in front of the camera. She worked as a model, and later went on to nab the Miss New Jersey crown in 1992 (yes, teased bangs and a lot of hairspray were involved). Just like any pageant girl worth her tiara, Cynde developed killer makeup skills on the beauty queen circuit and at gigs. Cynde quickly switched careers to become a full-time makeup artist. Since then, she’s held impressive positions like Director of Global Makeup Education for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Lead Consultant for Mark and Avon.

Where you’ve seen her work

InStyle, Glamour, Seventeen, O, The Oprah Magazine, Essence, More, Vibe, Star and People. She’s survived numerous seasons at the circus we call Fashion Week, and has created runway looks for designers like Vera Wang, Badgley Mischka, Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta, and Tracy Reese. And, oh, yeah, the woman has done tons of TV. You might have seen her smiling face on The Rachael Ray Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The Style Network.

Her celeb clients

Vanessa Williams, Angela Bassett, Queen Latifah, Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, Rachel Roy, Giselle Bundchen, and Tyson Beckford.


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What’s the best way to fill in eyebrows naturally?

Eyebrows are the frame for your face and very important… but keep in mind, they shouldn't be exactly the same. Here’s what you’re working with - the base (front of your brow), the arch (highest point of your brow) and tail (end of your brow). 

  • Trace an imaginary line from the outside-center part of your nose to your brows.  That’s the base of your brow, or your starting point. 
  • Place the liner pencil at the tip of your nose.  Take the pencil over your pupil - where it lands on your brow will be the arch of your brow.
  • Place the end of your liner pencil at the outer nostril and line it up with the outer corner of your eye.  This is your tail, where your brow should end.
  • Now that you’ve measured and found the perfect natural shape, you can start shading! Use a brow brush with powder or an eyebrow pencil the same shade as your hair (possibly one shade lighter). Always fill in your brows using soft feathering strokes until completely even.


It’s a learned skill…practice makes perfect!


How do I properly choose my foundation color?

The best way to properly choose your foundation color is to swatch two to three shades of foundation on your jawline. Check the shade in natural light.  Blend each shade into the skin - the one that disappears completely is your proper foundation shade.


What’s the difference between my tone and undertone? How do I determine them?

The difference between tone and undertone is the the color you see first.  It gets darker in the sun and flush when you blush.  Your undertone never changes.  It’s very simple to determine your undertone.  If you look best in white & silver you are a cool undertone (pinks and blues are your best colors) and if you look best in cream or off white & gold you are a warm undertone (yellows and golds are your best colors). Also check your veins.  If your veins appear blue you have a cool undertone and if they appear greenish you have a warm undertone.  If it’s hard to determine you might have neutral undertones


How much contouring too much?

With contouring, less is more. You’ll know you have contoured too much when your face starts to look unnatural, muddy and too angular.


How should I choose a good lip color for myself?  I love them all but they don’t all look good on me.

To find the perfect lip color, use your natural lip color shade as a guide. Select dark or light shades in the same tone as your natural lip color family.


What’s the difference between a day-face and a night-face?

It’s always good to remember your lifestyle sets the tone for your make up etiquette. So go with what feels right for you. Here’s a typically a day-face: 1) foundation or tinted moisturizer/BB cream, 2) concealer, 3) powder, 4) blush/bronzer, 5) mascara and 6) lip color.  My classic night face starts the same, but adds in eyeshadow, eyeliner and definition through contouring and a stronger blush.  You can also work a matte or glossy lip for night.



I’m often going straight from the office to a dinner date. How can I quickly transform from day to night without washing and starting all over?

Refresh or even glam-up your makeup by applying concealer to brighten your eyes, a gel eyeliner and two to three coats of mascara. Trust me, that alone works magic! ‘Warm up’ your skin with a bronzer and ‘lift’ cheekbones by sweeping highlighter on the hight of your cheeks.  You can also apply a pop of blush and your favorite lip color or gloss. A spritz of makeup finishing spray tops it all off.


What’s the best and healthiest make-up removal routine?

Use natural makeup wipes or cleaners.  Make sure your makeup remover is water soluble to avoid skin and eye irritation.


I’m on a strict budget, what 3 high-end products should I simply not skim on?

It will always serve you well to spend on skincare, foundation and brushes. The good ones will work magic for you!


Can I use bronzer all over or only in my T-zone?

Bronzer can be used all over the face to warm and balance an uneven skin tone.  Bronzer works best on the forehead, temples, hollows of the cheek, chin, center of neck and décolletage.


What's a 'sure-thing' for getting rid of puffy eyes, fast? 

Cucumber slices have anti- inflammatory properties.  The cool cucumber will naturally help reduce puffy tissues.  You can also reduce under eye puffiness buy filling a glass with ice chilling a stainless steel spoon placing it on your eyes for about 20 min. Repeat until swelling is gone


Should I apply concealer on the top of my eye lid as well as under my eyes? 

It's best to use an eye shadow base instead of a concealer on your eyelid.  Concealers tend to have very creamy formulas and can crease on the eyelid. Not a good look!