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Keith Campbell

Meet Keith Campbell

Meet Keith Campbell

Hair Architect for DOOBOP

“The key to beautiful hair for any woman is to have a look that not only makes you feel beautiful, but also fits your lifestyle.”  

When Keith Campbell first started doing hair, grown men and women were walking around wearing overalls with one strap undone, and the world was still safe from twerking. A lot has changed since then, but one thing has remained the same: Keith still loves his work. He’s channeled the genuine joy he gets from making women look their best into a career as one of the most respected hairstylists in the business. 

His signature skills

Want extensions? Better call Keith. He’s an expert not only at boosting hair length, but also at adding fullness and creating an incredible shape. Keith’s unique hair extension technique is also easy on the scalp and protects the natural hair from breakage and damage.

Where you’ve seen his work

Essence, Glamour and InStyle – among others. Keith also serves as the lead hairdresser for Harlem’s Fashion Row, a collective of designers that show at the annual Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. In his spare time, he writes. Keith is the author of two books about hair including his latest, Decide to be Beautiful.

His celeb clients

Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Iman and Serena Williams for the Grammys, the VH1 Awards and The MTV Video Music Awards.


Got a question for Keith ?

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I want big sexy waves. What tools and product should I use so that it doesn’t look crunchy and hard. Do I need a big curling iron? Should I use gel?
OK, here’s my trick: I use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. I make sure I’m parting the hair in 2inch verticals, and before I start to curl, I always use a little hair spray all over the entire head from about a foot away.

I want to trim my own bangs. What’s a good trick?
Ladies, stay away from your own bangs - I urge you to have a professional do it.  But if you’re in a bind and just have to – follow these easy steps: Lift the hair up and away from you face and trim conservatively. Don’t attempt to do a blunt cut – just point the sizzors upward and ever so slightly nip into the hair (as opposed to across). Don't take too much off, this is just a quick fix until you have time to see your stylist!


Can I color and relax on the same day?
You can color and relax on the same day only if you’re going dark and not ‘lifting’ with bleach. With keratin treatments you can do any color you choose - that same day!


I need a really chic ponytail look? Something I can rock everyday without looking undone.
Ahhh, ponytails are timeless. As long as it's pulled together and with purpose - then your all good! It has to be clean and seamless, so that it looks sexy and beautiful.


Are clip-ons a hit or a miss? I’d like a little extra fullness but don’t want to weave.
Great question, clip-on’s can be an easy, no-commitment, refresher to your look. The trick is to match your own hair in color and texture.  Bring a friend with you to help you gage what’s best, or meet with a professional. It's all about gentle blending. You might want to color and highlight the clip on’s to match what you’ve already got. But over all, they’re great!

What are the no-heat techniques that I can use to create a wave or curl?
Velcro rollers in the morning will bring any curl or wave back to life in just 20 to 30 minutes. Long gone are the days of looking crazy in bed and sleeping poorly all night – just for the sake of style.


Hair spray scares me. Is it a-must for an updo? And How do I apply?
Hair spray can be your best friend if used correctly.  It should support what’s already pretty secure…So don’t go crazy. Tips: Always hold spray can at arms length while spraying, creating a mist. Always spray around the head, never directly onto the hair.



Are up-do’s stuffy and old?  I’m in my 20’s – are they right for me?
Absolutely, up sweeps are for any age – they’re really chic and timeless. If you do a search for red carpet looks, you’ll find so many different variations. For your age, you might want to keep it less structured and a bit looser.


Should I always use a heat protector before blowdrying and flat ironing?
No brainer – YES. And YES again.


What’s an edge stick? I keep hearing about it as the wonder-tool!
The Edge Stick is one of my favorite tools. It straightens all the kinks, frizz and curls around the perimeter and interior of the head with one simple movement. You run it through your hair like a comb and it lays it down! Amazing.


What's the best way to treat dry hair?
There are no one-time solutions to dry hair. Hair is very similar to skin, it needs to be nourished and treated with care. Drink water daily, and always allow your hair to take a break from heat. Those are the essentials. Plus, including a shampoo with out SLS into your routine will help maintain the natural oils in your hair – and that’s a good thing.


How infrequently can I wash my hair? Is once a month pushing it?
The answer depends on your hair type. Curly / kinky hair can often be washed every other week. Straight, fine hair every 3 days. But if you’re still washing every day, that’s definitely a no-no. (FYI, Don’t be afraid of your natural scalp oils, they can actually help keep your hair healthy.)


Can I flat iron everyday?
Everyday heat to your hair means you will pay big time, and the integrity of your hair will be compromised. Try roller setting, wrapping, pin-curling instead. And remember, your hair doesn’t have to look exactly the same every day – try alternative styles that allow a little room for imperfections. Embrace your curl!What's a good alternative to heat that will keep my hair straight?

Don’t get caught up in trying to remain pin-straight all week. Embrace your hair and recognize that it will change shape depending on the weather. Pin curling and wrapping at night help to manipulate the hair without damaging. Find a good assortment of styles that don’t require perfectly straight hair but still look ‘done’.