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Our Story

The Road Block

When we walk the streets of New York, we see so many people of different ethnicities, skin colors, and cultural styles. Sure, NYC isn’t the typical American city, but it’s a great representation of what the whole country will likely become very soon: beautifully diverse. Unfortunately, the beauty industry hasn’t quite caught up. The current cookie-cutter approach just didn’t work for us so we pressed “reset” and created DOOBOP.

The Spark

Jodie Patterson and Benjamin Bernet’s worlds collided in SoHo thanks to mutual friends (one French and one African), and the most fortunate of outcomes emerged. The plan: to create a chic online shopping destination that mirrored the ethnic diversity spotted daily on the streets of New York City. DOOBOP is about providing personalized solutions, superior service and expert advice to bring out the beauty in every woman.

The Approach

We mix it up! All of the products at DOOBOP are hand-picked just for you. We test, discuss and test some more to make sure everything we offer is the best. Jodie, who’s also the creator of an upscale line of body products, knows first-hand how frustrating it is to be directed to the “ethnic” aisle in search of the right foundation or the perfect hair styling cream. And Benjamin, a French-born, former senior beauty-marketing executive, believes that all women should be able to click-to-buy in style. The result: beauty without struggle.

Jodie and Benjamin

The Pros

If there is a brand, product, technique or a look our experts are obsessed with, they tell us as soon as
they discover it. We chose our team of hair, make-up, skin and health gurus for their talent and
their realness. They’re in constant contact with hundreds of women,
from students to celebrities, on a regular basis. 

Hair Architect

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Makeup Artist

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Makeup Artist

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Hair Stylist

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The Influencers

We’ve pulled together a group of 100+ women to help us select products—moms, executives and artists from all over the world, who now reside in NYC. They are media hounds, world travelers, beauty junkies and most importantly brutally honest.